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Cohabitation Agreements

Brooklyn, New York Cohabitation Agreement AttorneyMy Brooklyn, New York Law office also provides help to unmarried couples (heterosexual or LGBT) in preparing a Cohabitation Agreement. A relationship often starts off very passionately. Emotions are high and thoughts of breaking up do not enter into a couples’ mind.  If this relationship ends, the person you once loved can very easily become your enemy.  In the case where a  couple decides to start a relationship without getting married and the rights and responsibilities of each party in the event of break up or death are not discussed or memorialized in a writing by an attorney, many complexities may arise.

A Cohabitation Agreement is a legal contract negotiated between a heterosexual or same-sex couple (LGBT) who have chosen to live together (cohabitate) but are not married.  It establishes the respective parties’ legal rights and responsibilities in the event of a break-up or death. I am a Lawyer that has experience preparing Cohabitation Agreements pursuant to New York law.

The agreement reached can be very specific.  It should discuss the division of expenses incurred during the relationship and the division of property and assets obtained during the course of the relationship.

I have been practicing law since 2002 and have vast experience in various legal matters. Please contact me, George M. Gilmer, Esq., a Brooklyn, New York Cohabitation Agreement attorney if you have any further questions.

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