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Release your frozen bank accounts and stop wage garnishment now!

My Brooklyn, New York City law office specializes in representing clients who have had their bank accounts frozen, wages garnished or who have just realized that they have a legal judgment against them in a New York City Court house.

I am a Brooklyn, New York City based Debt Relief Attorney who will help you attempt to vacate any default judgments against you which in turn will help you repair or clean your credit.

  1. I will first analyze your case to see if the default judgment against you can be vacated.  The term vacate means to set aside the decision the Judge made in holding you in default.
  2. The next step will be to prepare your Affidavit of Merit, which will document why you defaulted and let the court know your position concerning the alleged debt.
  3. The next step is to file the necessary papers and to seek a Judicial Stay and a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the Plaintiff (the party that filed suit against you), to prevent them from taking any further legal actions against you until the TRO papers are ruled on. This means that if a creditor has a hold on your bank account they will have to release it and if there is a pending wage garnishment, it will not go through.
  4. I will then go to Court and fight to have your case dismissed and the judgment vacated.
  5. If necessary, I will enter into settlement negotiations with the Plaintiff.
  6. If we win or settle, I will take the necessary steps to have the derogatory information removed from your credit

Most of my clients come to me in my Brooklyn Law Office (click here for my office location, Room 1708) in desperation and some are legitimately surprised because their bank accounts have been frozen and they have discovered that a default judgment was entered against them in Court.

I generally seek to vacate default judgments on two grounds.  The first is excusable default. To succeed here you will need a reasonable excuse for your default and a meritorious defense within a year of the judgment being entered.  The second option is to file papers based upon an allegation that you were never served.  I would seek a TRO in both situations.

Whatever method I use, I will get your case back into court and seek dismissal at best or at least get you in a better bargaining position regarding the settlement of your debt.  Ultimately, if we get the Judgment d the case discontinued against you, your credit will benefit. 

I am a very experienced attorney in this area of law.  Please give me a call at 718-864 -2011 for a free phone consultation.  I have office conveniently located in Downtown Brooklyn.  Please contact George M. Gilmer, your Brooklyn Debt Settlement Attorney. if you want more detail regarding above please visit my blog.