Hello, I am a Brooklyn Paternity Attorney.

Have you been brought into Family Court for a child that you do not think is yours?  Are you the mother of a child that wants to prove who the father is?

I represent men and women in paternity proceedings. The point of a paternity proceeding is to determine who is the biological father of a child.

The determination of paternity is a very important thing. By law it will entitle the custodial parent to receive Child Support up until the child is twenty one or emancipated.  In the case where a father denies paternity, the mother may have no option but to pursue a court proceeding. For a man who does not believe he is the actual father, the determination of paternity is important, because it may mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in support for a child that may not be his.

I have experience in Paternity proceedings, representing both men and women. Please contact me. I am an experienced Brooklyn, New York paternity attorney.