Divorce Intake Form

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NOTE: For initial summons and complaint the filing fee (also known as Index Fee) is $210.00. Note: Personal checks are not accepted by New York State Courts. After Filing of Summons and Complaint and Affidavit of Service, the Remainder of Divorce Packet can be filed after both parties have signed off on all the necessary documents. The filing fee for Judgment of Divorce, and Findings of Fact is $125.00. After Judgment of Divorce is obtained, a $30.00 fee to obtain certified copy and service of coypy upon Defendant will be required. Unless you notify the office, your divorce will be filed under No-Fault/Irretrievable Breakdown. Please contact the Attorney at 718-864-2011 if you have any questions about the grounds of your divorce.
If you have been living separate and apart due per a separation agreement, please upload a copy of that agreement to this questionnaire. (Note: You must have been living separate and apart per that agreement for a minimum of 1 year from the date the agreement was signed).
Max. file size: 50 MB.
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices. Please call 718-864-2011 to make payment for your divorce. I look forward to representing you in this matter.